How Substance Abuse Can Change Your Life

There is no lack of recreational and gateway substances today starting from marijuana to the latest zombie creating Flakka, there is a lot of substance abuse in the world today. Many young lives get destroyed in the process of experimenting with substances that turn out to become fully blown addiction within a matter of days in most cases. There are many negative side effects of these substances on your physically but they will also take a toll on you mentally and overall on your life and your loved ones. Here are some of the ways in which your life could be changed by substance abuse for the worse.

It will damage your future in the long run

If you have ever spoken to an addict now going through rehab they will tell you tales of horror about how all the hopes, dreams and ambitions that they once had for their future was overpowered by their desire to have more and more of the substance day by day. Many of them that get caught with possession will then also need to spend on the services of drug lawyers Sydney to help them fight their case in courts which will most often not be in their favour. The chances of having a good education, working position and family life will be taken away as the substances become the one and only focus in their lives.

It will destroy you mentally

The stress of having to absolutely obtain the substance of desire on a daily basis at whatever cost that it may be is high enough. If prosecuted the stress of finding the right criminal lawyer will not just affect you but your family and loved ones as well. In addition to all this, the mental side effects of substance abuse such as schizophrenia, hallucinations and the inability to differentiate between reality and imaginary worlds will become something that will destroy you mentally. Your power of retention, focus and clarity will slip away from you and you will find yourself solely craving to feel the familiar sensations of substances. You can view more here

The physical effects will be hard to overcome

Supposing all of this has been overcome, the physical toll that substance abuse has on one’s system is something that can take years and years to subside and fully heal with some people never really fully recovering their former vitality. While your internal organs will also be seriously damaged, your face itself will begin to indicate the classic symptoms of health harm such as sallow complexion, liver spots, losing hair, sunken eye sockets and self-inflicted damage when not coherent.